A little bit about me

Fun fact: although the homepage says I'm originally from Beirut, I'm also half Russian 🇷🇺

I studied Visual Communication in Lebanon, and have worked in design and advertising in Beirut, Doha and Amsterdam. My passions for design, design thinking and understanding people have recently lead me to studying Behavioural Design.

I'm currently interested in working with and learning from multidisciplinary teams to solve bigger problems, address real human needs and create positive change ✨

What does “wearing multiple creative hats” even mean?

For me it means branching out to do multiple things instead of getting fixated on something specific.

In the big debate of specialisation vs. generalisation, I lean towards the latter. Why? Because the creative industry is constantly changing. Nobody knows for certain what the climate will look like a decade from now.

With that in mind, I decided to focus on enriching my approach and mindset towards design in general. If you want to be ready for all kinds of weather, especially if you live in Amsterdam, it helps owning multiple hats.

My current creative hat collection 🎩

Original collection: graphic design, art direction, brand strategy and creative writing.

New collection: design thinking, creative strategy, UX research and design.

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