A little bit about me

Fun fact: although my homepage says I'm originally from Beirut I'm also half Russian 🇷🇺 I studied Visual Communication in Lebanon, and have worked in design and advertising in Beirut, Doha and Amsterdam. My passions for visual design, design thinking and understanding people have recently lead me to Behavioural Design.

In simple speak, Behavioural Design is designing the right conditions to trigger certain desired actions. Be it small isolated actions like choosing the right lane at the airport, or bigger habit forming actions like reducing the usage of single-use plastics. One of the main keys to triggering action is understanding the forces behind the inaction, and that's where I roll up my sleeves to get all the valuable info. With the help of a structured process, I can transform real human insights into tangible solutions.

I'm currently interested in working with and learning from multidisciplinary teams to solve bigger problems, address real human needs and create positive change ✨

But then what does “wearing multiple creative hats” mean?

It's just another fancy expression. And what it means is that I like learning about the inner workings of multiple things instead of the nitty-gritty details of one design decipline.

Nobody knows for certain what the creative landscape will look like a decade from now. That's why I decided to focus on my approach and mindset towards design in general. If you want to be ready for all kinds of weather, especially if you live in Amsterdam, it helps owning multiple hats.

Find any of this interesting? Then you can say hi, add me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter. Oh and thanks for sticking around! Here's a little thing just for you.