Reclaiming a Dutch icon.

My role

Book cover and visual design.

DIVA is the untold story of Jetta Goudal, a femme fatale movie star from the golden age of Hollywood. Did you know that she’s the only Dutch actress to have a star on the walk of fame? I bet you didn’t. Jetta did a great job at keeping her identity and Dutch roots hidden.

Her entire life is shrouded in mystery. She managed to become a world-renowned actress, created unrest in Hollywood by sewing male producers for fair pay, and managed to convince the entire world that she was French aristocracy. You can learn more about Jetta and the book here.

Choosing the right elements

Conceptually speaking, I wanted to recreate the glamour of the silent movie era while paying homage to Jetta’s strong and outspoken personality. For the cover to make the right impression I needed two important ingredients; a font that can speak for itself, and a striking color palette.

To portray Jetta in her full glory, the book was accompanied by a complimentary feature film. Each book was enclosed with a “movie ticket” and a secret code that grants its holder access to the documentary.

Look mom, I’m on TV!

Well not me personally, but the book itself received a lot of media attention. Jetta’s secret identity was revealed on national television, and the Dutch could finally reclaim their Hollywood DIVA.

Work done for Gekkota B.V.