Frecious Young

Frecious Young

My role

Illustration and packaging.

Frecious Slowjuice is an organic screw-pressed juicery on a mission: Help people eat more vegetables. Or in this case, drink them.

And who’s a better target for this mission than kids? We’ve been trying to make them eat vegetables for centuries anyway, so it’s about time we try a different approach. But liquid or solid, the challenge remains the same: how to persuade kids to try the product?

Old label vs. New label

Why call the line Young instead of Kids

The juices are made with youngsters aged 3-12 in mind. We were already over our heads with marketing vegetable juices to them. So adding insult to injury and calling 12-year-olds kids didn’t seem like an effective strategy. After some careful consideration and a quick validation with a focus group, we decided to call the line Young .

Lucky Lions and Witty Whales

Stories work, especially on little humans. We all grew up listening to tales of brave, smart and hard working heroes, wanting to be just like them.

Frecious was already on a conceptual path when they named their juices after animals, using juice colors for inspiration. The next step was to update the names and give them a good story.

As a naming exercise, we made a list of cool animals and another one of positive human qualities, and played a game of name alliterations. The combinations that flowed best and made the most sense won. Simple.

Who wouldn’t want to be a Lucky Lion? Or perhaps as Witty and wise as a Whale? The juices became elixers that grant their drinkers the qualities of the protagonist they represented.

A little funky fellow enjoying a Funky Frog

How frogs hug and bees sing

We’ve already established that vegetable juices are not a hot topic for kids. So in addition to visual storytelling and using diversion tactics, we felt like we had to come up with some kind of persuasive plan for when all else fails.

That’s how “Dobbel Trouble” was created: a complimentary dice game designed to punish parents (or whoever is responsible) for the ugly crime of making a child drink a vegetable juice.

Rules of the game: The victim (usually a child) has to down the 100ml bottle in one go. After a quick recovery, they get to roll a pair of dice. One dice represents an animal, the other some kind of action, the perpetrator must act out the combination as payback.

The combinations, of course, are meant to look ridiculous, encouraging kids to drink their juice to get to play. So if you’ve ever wondered “How do frogs hug?” and have some time to spare, I suggest you give this game a try 🐸

What looks like an attempt to dance like a bee.

Work done in collaboration with Frecious.