Kapital 4


Concept and design.

Kapital 4

Setting: Doha, Qatar. Opportunity: A booming expat community also means a growing demand for entertainment. Which is exactly what Mystique Events have been dedicated to for the past 6 years, creating hospitality concepts. And in 2018 they approached me with an interesting challenge, the branding of a new club with a very peculiar name: Kapital 4.

In the beginning was the word

Naturally, my first question was “why Kapital 4”? Except there was no rational reason behind the club naming aside from its originality. You can say it’s expert intuition and call it a day, but like any messiah (mad man? creative?) knows, you need a good story to attract a following. So what story could appeal to the expat community of Doha?

Creative rationale

There are over 87 different nationalities living in Qatar at the moment. So you can say that people come to Doha from all 4 corners of the world to work hard and play hard. All they need is a roof to host them, their very own capital.

Final logo

The logo mark is created by combining the 4 sides of a compass (4 corners of the world) which then form a grid that hosts the number 4. The thin lines of the logo mark are supported by the solid typography of the logo, a neo-grotesque sans-serif font: Neue Haas Unica.

Brand elements


Drawing inspiration from club interiors around the world, the vibrant colour palette is made to stand out in the dark setting of a night club. The structured grid ensures the strategic placement of each element but also allows enough room to create dynamic and playful layouts.

Grid use


Work done for Mystique - Event management.