oy firestarter

oy firestarter

My role

Visual design, art direction, and copywriting.

Back in 2017, oy decided to shift its business focus from production to branding and communication. To signal this change in strategy to existing and prospective clients, we decided to send out a promo piece. The end result had to ooze with conceptual thinking and high-end production. We wanted the world to know that we’re great at both.

Making ideas ‘real’ is what oy do best. Which explains their slogan at the time: “We make your story come to life”. This was the perfect opportunity to make oy’s own story come to life.

Where do stories come from?

To kickstart ideation I took a quick look at the history of storytelling. Which can be traced back to hunter-gatherer societies. Our ancestors gathered at the end of a long day to share stories by a burning fire. Fables of which plant not to eat, which routes to avoid, and encounters with fantastical beasts. And although we don’t do that anymore, our brains are still wired for stories.

Modern storytelling

Most of us can tell an average story. But it takes a real master to weave a captivating narrative, something that catches on like wildfire. Think creative brief vs. final artwork, both are stories but it’s the latter that is meant to captivate an audience.

In the hopes of reviving the tradition of storytelling, oy’s promo piece is an invitation to sit around a “fire”. In that setting, oy would listen to the client’s story, and then go on to make that story come to life.

From a little spark may burst 
a flame

“We are oy, storytellers, gathering tales from all around. We listen to them closely, understanding the plot lines, and craft versions worthy of sharing around a fire. Like the good old days.

And although times might have changed, the power of a good story still lingers.

This fire-starter is a reminder of a long lived tradition of storytelling. We hope it sparks the fire that will bring us together to get your story flowing. We’d love to hear it and make it come to life”.

The details

The gift itself is symbolic; a black firestarter necklace, inviting the receiver to “start a fire”. The package and the unboxing experience, however, are what make it special.

Imagine a velvet black sky and the copper of dancing flames and embers. The flying sparks and raising smoke dissolve into the darkness ceremoniously. The coals crackle, and someone starts to speak.

The promo piece got a lot of positive feedback, a couple of sit-downs with prospect clients, and a new account. Which is exactly what oy wanted, a catalyst to get the conversation flowing.

Work done for oy.