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How to get good at telling stories?

oy - we make your story 
come to life

To attract prospect clients, oy decided on sending a promo piece that would showcase equal parts of conceptual thinking and production muscle. Actualising ideas is what they do best, which explains their slogan at the time: we make your story come to life.

Building on the original narrative, I decided to make oy's own story come to life through this piece.

Where do stories come from?

The tradition of storytelling comes from hunter-gatherer societies. Our ancestors would get together at the end of a long day and share stories around the warmth of fire.

We might not be doing the exact same thing, but we're all still wired to appriciate and participate in the act of storytelling.

Modern storytelling

Anybody can tell a story, but it takes certian talents to craft and present captivating versions worthy of lending an ear to. Think creative brief vs. final artwork.

Hoping to revive the tradition of storytelling, we invited prospect clients to join us around a “fire”, so we can hear their version and then show them our own interpretation of it.

From a little spark may burst 
a flame

“We are oy, storytellers, gathering tales from all around. We listen to them closely, understanding the plotlines, and craft versions worthy of sharing around a fire. Like the good old days.

Times might have changed, but the power of a good story still lingers.

This fire-starter is a reminder of a long lived tradition of storytelling. We hope it sparks the fire that will bring us together to get your story flowing. We’d love to hear it and make it come to life”.

The details

The gift itself is purely symbolic. We chose a black firestarter necklace, calling on the reciver to “start a fire”. The package that contains it, however, brings the gift to life.

The vastness and magic of the nightsky, the copper of dancing flames and embers, the flying sparks and raising smoke; little details come together to create an unboxing experience full of mystery.

Who is oy? Why the firestarter? Can it actually start a fire? The promo piece raises many questions. It also shows concepting, design and production skills, and sparks and interest in the reciever. Which is exactly what we wanted: a catalyst to get the conversation flowing.

Answer 🤓

Use a language everybody understands.

Work done for oy

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