Sonos Playbase

Sonos Playbase

My role

Art direction

Sonos requires no introductions, but a new product always does. Sonos Playbase is a wireless soundbar that was launched in 2017 under a global campaign titled “Wake Up The Silent Home”. The pitch brief oy got was simple in theory. We had to design a head-turning retail window for the European market. So we rolled up our sleeves, brainstormed *really *hard, and won the pitch. And then it was time to bring our winning idea to life.

Selling sound without using sound

Sadly, cranking up the volume in retail windows wasn’t an option. So we asked ourselves the next best thing, what does sound look like? A lot of googling and head-scratching later, we finally found our answer while flipping through Sonos’s brand guidelines, like an old-school sound ripple.

We imagined an entirely black slick Scandinavian living room, and an animated white LED sound ripple in front of a white Sonos speaker. As if the ripple was coming out of the player every time the sound went on. It was a little more conceptual than what Sonos signed up for, but they loved it!

Silent black room + Sound visualisation

The design had to be prototyped, tested, reproduced, and then shipped to several locations across Europe. So we dove deep into recreating the same concept for different spaces and budgets.

Our different scenarios, technical drawings, and instructions were bundled together into a detailed style guide. The guide was shipped across Europe, so that different shops could recreate their own window with our minimal interference.

Light is off: the room is silent - Light on: the room is full of sound.

A final window in Copenhagen

Last thoughts

Coming up with creative concepts is a challenging process. But making them real is a whole other level of thinking and planning. Shout-out to oy’s production and project management skills for making this happen.

Work done for oy. In collaboration with Ioanna Kyrtatou & Daan Kemp