I guess I’m what you would call a T-shaped creative. But I like to describe myself as someone who is willing to pick up any tool to get the job done. I studied visual communication in Lebanon, and have worked in design and advertising in Beirut, Doha and Amsterdam. I’ve helped develop and grow brands, worked with multinational businesses and early stage start-ups, and navigated the fascinating world of user experience design.

Which is how I landed in product design. I like to think of it as a sweet spot where all my diverse skills and interests can come together. At the moment I’m focusing on designing human-friendly experiences, writing clear and effective copy, and much more at Scopus-Elsevier.

If you want to take a dive into the inner workings of my generalist brain check out my blog. It’s where I blow off steam by writing articles about behavioural insights, design, psychology, and more.