Here’s a fun (and somewhat useless) fact. Although my home page says I’m originally from Beirut I’m also half Russian 🇷🇺 Yes, I like vodka. No, I don’t have any pet bears 🐻

Now, back to business.

I studied Visual Communication in Lebanon, and have worked in design and advertising in Beirut, Doha and Amsterdam. My versatile experience in developing brands, writing engaging copy, and understanding people’s deeper wants and needs have recently lead me to product design. I like to think of it as a sweet-spot where all my diverse skills and interests come in handy.

I’m currently working with, and learning from, the lovely team at Scopus-Elsevier.

Another creative. Cool. Now tell me why you’re special.

So, if my strange heritage and quirky jokes haven’t won you over by now, maybe this last bit will.

I think in systems and stories. To be completely honest, I’ve never been that big on nitty-gritty details. What makes me tick is the prospect of unity and the bigger picture. The vision. Sometimes I forget to name my layers or deliver “pixel perfect” designs (nobody’s perfect). But it’s only because my brain is too busy connecting the dots. Who cares about pixel perfection if the end result is a product full of broken and fragmented journeys, nonsensical information architecture, and jargon? No, thank you. I’m interested in the entire ecosystem of a product. Bridging data informed design strategy, UX copy, brand expression, and interaction design, to produce coherent and lively experiences.

Oh, and I also write articles about behavioural insights, design, innovation, and more. Because apparently that’s what the cool kids are up to these days.